Manufacturer Survey August 7, 2020
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Survey to Evaluate Composite Repair Systems for Piping and Pipelines
(Manufacturer Survey)

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Instructions: Please complete the survey by answering the following questions. If you do not know the answer to a question, or if the question is not applicable, please do not respond and leave the response blank. You are welcome to estimate if required. The information that you provide as a company representative will not be tied directly to any presented data. The collected information will be presented as a survey with results for all participants.
1) Have you developed a calculator for determining the thickness for your repair system requirements relative to specified defects?
Yes  No  
2) If yes, please upload either the software package or a sample data sheet showing the calculation results. Provide an FTP upload feature with instructions (pdf files preferred)
3) What type of composite repair systems do you manufacture?
Wet lay-up
Rigid coil (i.e. Clock Spring or Permawrap)
4) In what year did your company first offer the following types of composite repair systems?
Wet lay-up
Carbon fiber
Other (specify)
Rigid coil
5) Are your composite repair systems recommended for the repair of the following defects (check all that apply)?
Metal loss
Corrosion in dents
Dents with gouges
Longitudinal weld seams
Girth weld seams
Corrosion in girth or seam welds
Wrinkle bends
Hard spots
Other (specify)
6) Please provide any reports, papers, or supporting documentation relative to the above responses. Provide an FTP upload feature with instructions
(pdf files preferred)
7) How many composite repairs have been removed for any reason?
8) If you answered in the affirmative (more than 1 repair was removed) to the above question, why were the composite repairs removed?
Considered temporary
Failed in service for one of the following reasons
Other reason (please provide details)
9) How many composite repairs have been inspected in the last 12 months?
10) If your composite repairs have been inspected, how many were found serviceable or unserviceable?
We have not inspected any repairs.
Found serviceable
Found unserviceable
11) Do you have a recommended inspection protocol to assess performance of your composite repair systems that is provided to your clients?
Yes  No  
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Please enter the following code in the box provided in order to submit your survey information.
On Wednesday, June 23, 2010 Stress Engineering hosted a Composite Repair for Plants workshop. Click here for details and copies of the presentations.

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