Composite Repair for Plants Workshop May 24, 8910
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Composite Repair for Plants Workshop 2010
Hosted at Stress Engineering on Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Composite Repair for Plants Workshop was organized for operators of plants including refineries, chemical plants, and power plants to provide information on composite repair materials and how they are effectively being used in the process industry. Presentations were made by several operators with experience in using composite materials in plant environments, as well as four presentations from composite manufacturers that included case studies with real-world examples.

Another purpose in having the Composite Repair for Plants Workshop was to provide a forum where participants can ask questions about the current composite repair technology and explore areas for further research. As a result of this forum, Stress Engineering is organizing a White Paper study that will include an industry-wide survey to gather information on how composite materials are used in plant environments.

Provided below are presentations that were made at the the Composite Repair for Plants Workshop by Stress Engineering and four of the composite manufacturers that were in attendance.
Dr. Chris Alexander , Stress Engineering Services, Inc.
Dr. Paul Hill, Furmanite
Dr. Simon Frost, Walker Technical Resources
Mr. Tommy Precht and Mr. Julius Scott, Armor Plate, Inc.
Mr. Bart Davis, Neptune Research, Inc.
Stress Engineering would like to thank the following composite manufacturers and distributors who provided funds to make this event a reality.
? Air Logistics, Inc.
? Armor Plate, Inc.
? Comptek Structural Composites
? Furmanite America
? Neptune Research, Inc.
? Pipe Wrap, LLC
? TechCorr USA, LLC
? TechnoPipe America / Walker Technical Resources
? Western Specialties
? Wrap Master









On Wednesday, June 23, 2010 Stress Engineering hosted a Composite Repair for Plants workshop. Click here for details and copies of the presentations.

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